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Adding ‘first’ and ‘last’ classes to Joomla 2.5 Menu Items

Written on 03/02/12 • 0 Comments

Adding classes to the first and last element in navigation menu can be helpful in defining menu styles. We can easily add extra class “first” and “last” to the respective elements of the menus by adding a few lines to the menu module code. This as far as I know has never been a feature in Joomla, going forward adding the classes should be made redundant as support for CCS3 matures and we can reliably use the CSS3 Pseudo-classes :first-child and :last-child but until then.

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How To Setup A Local DNS Host File On Mac OS X

Written on 20/01/12 • 0 Comments

A local DNS host file can be useful when developing a website. You can have a build environment and a production environment and simply point the host to the build environment on your machine, and your machine only, while all of the other users are directed to the live site. This allows you to work on the build environment and fully test prior to pushing the changes to the live production site.

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Increasing the Number of File Links in Typo3

Written on 21/10/11 • 0 Comments

This is a problem I discovered when uploading files for a client into a Typo3 site. By default Typo3 sets a limit of 10 files it allows to be uploaded. If you try and upload any more you receive a generic error message in the form of a yellow triangle warning.

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Adding two Google Analytics accounts to one page

Written on 06/05/11 • 3 Comments

There are times when you would like to track your page visits using Google Analytics and also someone else wants to do the same. We have had this situation where the client wants to have the data in their analytics account and we also would like to track the site using our account. We have also had external SEO companies that want to track the site using their account.

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Useful Wordpress Snippets

Written on 15/04/11 • 0 Comments

There are loads of things that can be achieved very easily in Wordpress if you know how. Many of these things can be done in just one line of code, so here are a few that I have found useful in the past and want to keep a record of for use in the future.

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Displaying a From Field Depending on Previous Question using jQuery

Written on 07/01/11 • 1 Comments

Sometimes forms on websites can look daunting to users when there are lots of fields to fill out. A neat solution is to hide fields that are only required depending on a previous answer. In the example I have created suppose you have a form with a drop-down list of peoples titles we have all the usual titles included but what if a Professor filled out the form? We add another fields to the form for 'other' that only needs filling out if the correct title was not available in our drop-down. 99% of people filling out the form will not need to use this field so with a little bit if Javascript magic we can hide the field unless a user selects 'other' from the drop-down. This approach gives us much neater form for users who have Javascript enabled and will degrade nicely for those few who don't.

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Recreating the Fade Scrolling Text Marquee on Twitter

Written on 19/11/10 • 0 Comments

Scrolling marquees were widely used on many early webpages that used the now defunct non-standard marquee tags and have fallen out of vogue in recent years. The homepage show that the effect can still be used to good effect today in a more subtle manner. We can use client side scripting to create the effect without the use of proprietary tags.

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Wordpress Custom Permalinks Problem

Written on 15/10/10 • 3 Comments

I have been doing a lot more work in Wordpress recently and have come across a problem turing on clean URL permalinks. The permalinks system has worked for me straight of of the box on MediaTemple and 1&1 servers but I have been getting an error message on Webfusion and 123-reg servers.

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Hanging Quotation Marks

Written on 08/10/10 • 1 Comments

Having recently released a Joomla Module that allows you to add blockquotes to your Joomla sites I have had a few requests for some further information on styling blockquotes. Blockquotes are intended to be used separately from other text in its own block, if you want to include an inline quote you should be using the Q tag. The Q tag adds quote marks, Internet Explorer being the exception to the rule, the blockquote tag does not.

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Making Smiles using only CSS & Vertical Text

Written on 24/09/10 • 0 Comments

This week I needed to create a 404 error page for a project, I wanted to create something simple that was purely CSS with no images. I wanted the page to have something graphical as well and decided on a large sad smilie. The challenge here is to get the text :-( to display vertically.

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Random Banner Script using PHP

Written on 27/08/10 • 2 Comments

I wanted to start alternating the banner advertisements on this site so started looking around for the simplest way to randomly display a different banner in my case a few lines of code that included the link, image and some text. I found a number of scripts that all seemed a bit clunky. I started thinking there must be a better simpler way.

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Free Joomla Blockquote Module

Written on 30/07/10 • 5 Comments

Download the latest version of the blockquote module. Blockquote is a simple extension that allows you to add your own custom quote to any module position in your Joomla install and have it displayed in the front end.

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Move Related Products to Centre Column in Magento

Written on 09/07/10 • 7 Comments

The default theme for Magento has the related products block on the left hand side which is not necessarily the best place for it. A more logical place to put related products is under the product description in the center column. It is simple to move the related products block but you need to know where to look.

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Password Protecting Your Site with htaccess

Written on 02/07/10 • 0 Comments

It is sometimes handy to be able to password protect your pages or an entire site. Maybe you're building a new site, but you only want yourself and client to be able to view the work-in-progress. Apache allows you to fairly easily add password protect an entire site, folder or individual file.

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Simple Share on Twitter Social Link

Written on 25/06/10 • 0 Comments

At the moment it seems to be fashionable to add social networking links to your website. Recently a client wanted a quick and simple link to share a post on Twitter. The Twitter API is comprehensive but can be daunting for those with less advanced coding skills.

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