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Fixing a Broken Contact Form on a Joomla Site

Written on 18/06/10 • 0 Comments

If you are having the same problem as I have had with the Joomla contact form not delivering the mail to your email address maybe this solution can help. This problem only occurs under certain circumstances. You Joomla site is hosted on one webserver, your mail is on another and your DNS records on another. This circumstance is more common than you would expect, say you register your domain with 123-reg and enter your MX records here, your site is hosted elsewhere and you are using Google Apps (gmail for domains) for your email.

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Homepage Conditional Statements for Joomla 1.5 Templates

Written on 11/06/10 • 1 Comments

Jommla 1.5 the popular content management system (CMS) is built using PHP allowing you to use conditional statements within your templates to further control site. A common requirement is to determine if we are on the homepage. There are a few ways of doing this as outlined in this article using different conditions.

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Redirecting Visitors to a Holding Page while you Develop a New Site (Apache)

Written on 21/05/10 • 0 Comments

When you are uploading and testing a new site on the same domain as an existing site you need to keep the public from seeing a part finished site while you are uploading the files and sorting out any problems.

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Export Excel CSVs with Double Quotes

Written on 09/04/10 • 18 Comments

Excel allows you to save spreadsheets using CSV file format. This particularly helpful as you or your client may have data, say a product catalogue, that can be imported into another application. Continuing the example you may want to import this data into a shopping cart system like Magento. This all sounds good so far but Microsoft in their wisdom don't allow you to alter preferences for the CSV file format. Excel does it's own thing and if that does not match your way or the software you want to import the data into then things get a little more complicated.

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Granting Database Privileges in MySQL via SSH

Written on 26/03/10 • 1 Comments

This week I experienced some problems installing Magento the Open Source shopping cart system onto a dedicated server hosted by Wedfusion. The installation seemed to go well until just after the database was populated by the installer script. All the tables were created as expected but Magento produced a rather unhelpful general error. After some investigation it turned out that the issue was occurring because by default a database created in the server control panel do not assign the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege to the database user. To fix the issue all I needed to do was add the privilege to the user and the installer then works flawlessly. Below are some simple instruction on granting privileges in MySQL via SSH.

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Create a Simple CSS Pin Map with Ease

Written on 19/03/10 • 3 Comments

It is easy to create a map with pins that you can position to correspond to a point of interest then hyperlink the pin to another page or get creative and use javascript to trigger an event. In this example we have a map of the UK with pins positioned roughly over the top ten cities by population. The pins link to the cities Wikipedia page and use the title attribute to show the name when hovering over the pin. This is a bare bones example for you to build on, you could use image sprites to change the image of the pin to a marker of your choice or use javascript to create information bubbles when you mouse over the marker the choice is up to you.

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Animating with Javascript Fish Tank

Written on 26/02/10 • 3 Comments

Using Javascript to create some movement on a page can be accomplished with a bit of maths. The advantage of using Javascript for very simple animations is that a higher proportion of users have Javascript available then have Flash installed.

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Make a Dotted or Dashed Line in Photoshop follow a Path

Written on 12/02/10 • 2 Comments

Drawing a dotted line is easy in Illustrator. You just change it in the stroke palette. You would think it was just as easy in Photoshop but it is a little bit trickier. This short tutorial aims to show you how to quickly make a dotted or dashed line in Photoshop and then apply it to a curve.

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Simple two line Image Randomiser Script with jQuery

Written on 05/02/10 • 4 Comments

It's a common task adding a random header or banner for each page view. If you are already utilizing the jQuery library you can add just two lines or if not you have a few more lines to get the job done.

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Checklist of Things to Remember when Launching a Website

Written on 22/01/10 • 0 Comments

There are a few of these lists around on the internet giving people advice on what they should check before they launch a website but most contain things that should be thought about from the very start. If you have forgotten about browser testing, screen resolutions & progressive enhancement until you are ready to launch you should take a look at how you are going about the whole build process.

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How to toggle invisible files in OSX

Written on 15/01/10 • 1 Comments

OS X has numerous invisible files and folders. They are hidden to protect users from mistakenly moving or deleting critical files that might break the system or the applications that depend on them. Sometimes however you may need to find and use these files but OS X unlike its Windows counterpart has no options to show/hide hidden files anywhere. There are options, third party software is one and here a few others.

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Free LCD Vector Font Digital Numbers

Written on 01/01/10 • 0 Comments

I worked on creating this front as a bit of fun and thought someone may find it useful so am releasing it into the public domain as a free LCD number font set. The fonts are supplied as a fully editable EPS document and can be used in any print, digital or other application.

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Not So Clear CSS Opacity and RGBa

Written on 18/12/09 • 0 Comments

Support for transparent PNG paved the way for the use of semitransparent elements within website designs. CSS3 introduced the ability for developers to alter the transparency of an object with the opacity property. This method has some inherent problems, luckily there is a solution; the much less well know RGBa model.

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Using Googles Chart API to Create Charts for your Web Apps

Written on 04/12/09 • 0 Comments

The Google Charts API allows you to send data to Google and have it returned as a graph or chart. All the hard work is done for you by Google and its servers and you simply reference an image in your HTML. You pass Google the raw data — the numbers for the charts, axis labels, and so on — as part of the image’s URL. If you want to add charts to your site or web based applications to show dynamic data the Google API is a quick, easy and attractive choice.

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Using Numbers as CSS Class or ID Values

Written on 20/11/09 • 1 Comments

This week I found myself in a situation where I needed to apply CSS to an element only on a specified page. The best way to do this is to add an id to the body tag of the said page thus allowing you to apply a style only to that page. The example below shows an ID applied to the body tag. This is good practice when building your sites but sometimes easier said then done when using a Content Management System to dynamically generate your pages.

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