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Differences between British and US Apple Keyboards

Written on 30/01/09

This article is a re-post of an old article I wrote about the Apple Ultrathin British edition keyboard from January 2008. There are subtle differences between the British and American editions you may not have ever considered like where is the hash key? I have updated the article to included some images so you can see the difference in the key layouts.

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Emailing PDF Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Written on 23/01/09 • 11 Comments

Having encountered problems producing fillable forms using Adobe LiveCycle Designer and needing to find a solution to send them back as PDF documents this article offers the solutions that worked for me.

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Including/Linking Cascading Style Sheets

Written on 16/01/09 • 1 Comments

A Cascading Style Sheet provides formatting information to HTML/XHTML elements. Styles can be called from an external file, internally or inline. This article describes the various methods of including style definitions in your documents.

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